Friday, December 29, 2006

Bottoms Up!

So where to start, where to start…? In a project like this there is so much to do that you’d almost need a guide to take you through it all. But as the saying goes “you start from the bottom up” works fine in this case also. Since there was no floor pans and most of the bottom section of the shell is totally out of shape it makes sense to tackle with the main frame and then adjust the shell to it. Sounds like a piece of cake doesn’t it? I’m sure this’ll take a few mäyräköiras to go with but one has to bite the bullet. Since my welding skills were non existing anyhow this would also be a great way to learn some new things…
And when it comes to mäyräkoira, for those of you not familiar with the current Finnish beer scene, the included image should explain a few things about it and I’m sure you’ll get it eventually after having a few on your own. ;)

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