Thursday, December 21, 2006


I did already some explaining on the issue of "baggypants" people. I do have to admit that I have some such symptoms every now and then. After the decision to dig into the split welding for a while there was a void of cruising transportation and the old disease hit me again. I went out looking for a 911 again. Did that a few years ago and it ended in disasted after a sure deal went bad, I mean really bad. Still gets me pissed of so I'm not going into that this time. Just remember what Leo Gets says in the "Leathal Weapon X" - "They fuck you in the drive through!" That surely goes with lots of things these days...

So went out shopping and found a pristine condition 69 911T, and really just fell for it instantly. Used to belong to a TV production head man sometime in early 70's and has been treated nicely over time. OG color was Green but in this case I'm not complaining of this altered color choise even though metallics are not my fav. The car had all the S extras installed when it left the factory and the RS front spoiler. Runs smoothly but burns lots of gas at this moment. Needs a complete tune up, after that I'm pretty sure it feels miles better... I assume it will give me the patience to complete the split as planned. One nice thing about this 911 is that I can hardly do anything to it since it's a historic plates car and should remain original all the way.

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