Tuesday, December 19, 2006


It's been a real delight to see some ancient iron racing equipment on the track. Seems that even though prices of 50's VW's have exploded people still have the courage to do the "nasty" every now and then... I do have a heart for an unspoiled historic piece of automobile history but since my project was a heap and collection of "non-matching" parts I did not hesitate on this. I'm sure there are a few purists out there who could have tried to save this piece of junk... ;) We call these guys "baggy trousers" referring to traditional mens trousers in the early 1900. You wont find that in directory, trust me on that one.

Anyway, there have been a few cars which I've really liked on these last years. One of them, the all so famous "Last Project" from France. Maybe a bit too high in finish quality for my taste but still pure and simple, raw and powerful piece of machinery. A shame that we did not see it go fast, really fast. Check out the drama if you have not seen it yet! http://s.hutchings.free.fr/l76/l76.mov

Of course I've been moved by the Rat movement and hoodrides alike. On my previous projects ('68 and '56 T1) I've tried to get that paint and chrome finish pretty "bling" but on a car which is driven daily or just plain fast it seems pointless - after a few days I usually end up scratching the fenders with tools or such. All that frustration just leads to excessive beer drinking! And who could cope with that?!! So to sum this all up. And you already quessed it, a non noncense full on race car with a hint of nostalgia with all the tried and true combos attached. No hipo cpu junk should ever touch this car. Maybe a good kick on the side every now and then if it does not perform as agreed!! Little sketch attached to bring some ideas to light. PastelGreen with tear and wear visible, chrome either removed or really beat up. Sure this one keeps changing but I'll keep it posted :)

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