Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What's behind?

Since I have done my share of VW's before getting involved with the split project, I thought to share a few things on the issue. I used to think that it all started with my 1968 standard in 1995 but how wrong was I? 2 years ago I got a surprice present from my parents - it was a framed drawing by myself done in '92 while studying in Phoenix, AZ. Well that was a trip! I had drawn a california style 1967 beetle with 5 spoke EMPIs and once piece windows... How about that! I wonder what else is coming back once I start digging? ;)

Well the first beetle I owned was a half done 68. Kind of ruined for good, but still unaware and clueless of the rest of the world I went ahead and finished it. Soon realized that this is not me and ended up selling it in 2002. Bought a ragtop oval window. Went ahead with a traditional cal look scheme, 356 wheels and OG interior etc. Really a nice ride that I drove for 2 years all together. Actually went all the way to UK with the car. It performed flawlessly all the way. Really miss that car. Sad stuff to see men weep isn´t it?? A few images on the side of the oval. It was a Nile Beige original. 34horse engine with a magneto and merged. That combo delivered some awesome mileage and reliability...

But, in every enthusiasts life, there comes a day when you have to do something extreme and I quess this split racing thing is just that for me! Everything else becomes just boring and pointless. Faster pussycat, Faster!!!

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