Friday, December 15, 2006


So it seems everyone these days is producing blogs to share some "nice" things to all. Well, I'm merely documenting my punk ass no good trip through a racing car project currently on its way. Not really sure where it is going but it should be something interesting and self rewarding to say the least...

My carage mate Santala pinned me this motivation image when I got the car inside our cave. It's a Finnish drag racer Jussi Jyränkö's baddass split doing some "mild" wheelie last summer... Kind of radical to put it mildly! Jussi came to our carage a few weeks ago and saw my project. He merely hinted that if my '50 would do the same next summer I would surely get a nice reward of that stunt... ;) Yeah, aguess he knew that it would never happen in that time scale...?

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