Monday, December 18, 2006


So the only little obstacle seemed to be finding the right kind of a core for the project. Sometime in July '06 we went to take a look at a 1950 split bug with a 3 fold rag top. It was also the 3rd oldest officially imported bug in Finland. The ragtop was not original for the car but rarely ever happens with nothern cars. All in all it sounded really promising. The slight problem was that it was quite rotten. Then again most of the projects floating about are quite flimsy and no straight as arrows solid pieces are found that often. Well the nice thing about this one was that nothing was hidden underneath coats of bad paint or underseal. Another nice thing was that all the little pieces came with the car. Only the "very rare" ragtop handle was missing and interiorlight glass... No interior was included either, but since this piece was to become a 1/4 mile beast I was not really worried about them sea weed sofas. ;) The deal was done after little finance issues. I finally got the car to Helsinki in mid September.

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