Friday, January 5, 2007

Sideline showcase

Spent last winter at the Misty Islands (UK) and hobbywise that was some sort of a eye opener - seems that there are vast number of VW enthusiasts outside our little microclimate... Even the smallest show in UK suburb seems to attract bigger crouds than most northern events ever. Hmm, I guess that's got more to do with population or even the fact that the finest VW's are being shipped to UK and elsewhere from our still quite affordable markets. That goes with All northern countries I think, starting from Sweden.

Anyway, this little show near Stansted airport was called something like VW's at MHS. Large number from Cambridgeshire attended this show despite the coldish weather on that weekend. Wet, cold and damp - really makes the day doesn't it. Well, it really did rain most of the spring of 2006 so that day was no exception. A few clubs had attended with a nice display of lookers and historics. And that OG barndoor in grey was my fav, just humbly lying at the side of the field. Barely caught anyone's eye but there it was! These English sure have some of the nicest busses around these days...

Trade stands were not that grand but I'm sure when the show gets more reputation it will attract more traders as well. Good luck for the organizers in 2007!

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