Monday, September 21, 2009

Trial fit

During the carage cleanup I got some help from the buddies and we lifted the body back on the pan. I've managed to assemble the back with some brake hubs in 5x130 pattern and also got that front axle working. So that should enable me to trial the big-O tyres. I gave the fuchs a rough sanding/polish job and painted the wheels with the obvious paint scheme. Well, the later 8 inchers might differs slightly from the usual with only the outer lip polished. I wanted to see if that goes smoother with the early 4.5's. I do kind of like it, maybe the old school police will fine me now?

The rubber in the front is 3.6/24-15 M&H and the back fatties are 10.5/26-15'' inchers. That should be way enough grip even on bad tracks to keep this heap on track. There is not a whole lot of room for the tires to move up in relation to the body. They will hit the inner arches quite easily even though more room is crafted. Hopefully the beefier 28mm saw torsion bars and stiffer shocks will make the rear stiff enough.

The trial fit proved to be correct and the 10.5's have just enough room to spin. With a right spacer it should be perfect in the end. For some reason it looks a bit odd to have "bucket" wheels at the back but I guess that is one of the only easy ways to get that big tyre in. Fonts are quite nice. The axle was narrowed about 1.5 inches so it only takes away the widht that came with the brake setup. So what now? Putting back the pieces into the tunnel (new gaslines and modified cable tubes etc.) and welding it shut again. After that I think it would be time to put in the full roll-cage... That should be fun eh?

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Rhys said...

Wow! This car is starting to look incredible! It really will be a beast when its complete. Very inspiring indeed - keep up the great work