Thursday, March 25, 2010

Side Project

I suffer from random "burnouts" with my Split project, or so it seems... Happens to many I've learned. After selling my 911, I've been building slowly my Anthrazite '62. Should be a daily driver with some of the usual spices. The car had only minor imperfections such as some rust at the rear wheel wells where the pan meets the body. Also the pan had a hole at the driver side floor (turned out to be a drilled hole for water or something?). Stripped the pan from the engine, tranny, axles, brakes and took of the rear fenders. For some odd reason, it made sence to take the body off the pan, and then it made sence to have it sand blasted and painted and.... You know how it goes. ;)

Technically speaking, I'm building a 1776cc streetable engine. Mild but reliable. Dual Dell'ortos, 40x35.5mm valve heads, regular VW casting, and ported by yours truly. Engle W110 cam, Vertex magneto, some black goodies to dress it all up. Post some images when finished.

Managed to buy a longer ratio tranny. Affordable stock tranny, not a flyer. Bought also a set of GasBurners. Painted/polished then, and put some Vredestein Sprint Classic tyres on them (155 front/ 185 back). Very pleased with the combo. Front brakes are vented discs with Porsche Boxter rear calipers. Should be enough? Front axle is a CSP 2'' narrowed link beam. Some images of the first trial fit below. Rear is sky high on the images!!! No engine and needs a drop of a spline. A slight miscalculation since I replaced the original '62 torsion bars with Split ones. Beefier indeed!

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