Monday, September 21, 2009

Photoshoppin' at the garage

Since I got that rear end narrowed it would be time to head for some tyre fitting. Borrowed some 10.5 inch M&H slicks from neigbours lot and they really seem to fill the arches full! Since I got a pair of 8inch fuchs now at the shelve it would make sence to go really big. So I went ahead and ordered some DOT 10.5's and I'm very eager to see the results with them mounted... That should also show if there is any other mods needed inside the inner arches before stitchin everything up finally.

Engine has not really developed at all, running out of funds kind of. Seems that you can throw truckloads of euros to it and it doesn't really show at all. Waiting to find some gold or win lottery, or I might just have to save up like every one else?? ;)

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