Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finally some progress with the engine!

Got the parts back from a trusty machinist and just have to say that I'm really pleased with the results. They all fit really nicely together and all there is now to get it assembled. Yea right. Not exactly... The heads will need some alterations for some more beefy springs since the engine is using a roller camshaft. Case was machined for the roller lifters, which are heavy. The springs are mad, meaning there is huge pressure involved. So that means really beefy pushrods too. Haven't got those since I need the geometry measured first, but for that I need the heads ready. Which do urgently need some titanium valves and a handy port job too. The list goes on. I've almost given up.

So I decided that car will be running anyway and worked on that instead braking my nerves on the engine... ;) Some images of the machined case, dry sump and stuff... Notice how the parcel shelf on the car has been lifted up about 4 inches and fender wells widened inwards about 2, and the split window maintenance hole widened to the max. So it all became an ugly puzzle.

But I did get that rear torsion housing narrowed. It's narrowed and the housing ends swapped to modern ones to equip some proper shocks... Well that was the only thing in long time that really went through well.

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