Sunday, October 19, 2008

Clasic Motorshow in Lahti 2008

Some great additions to Finnish show scene came up this spring. We got finally a classic car show for all those "pussihousu" guys. Have to say that I was really impressed. Thought that some 2 hours would do the job but we ended up staying at this show for the whole day! All major classic car brands and their clubs were present, even the local Customs office came around and tried to spread some words of wisdom about importing car parts etc... Good thinking I have to say. ;)) Great piece of historic rally scene was presented in actual driving demonstration every 2 hours or so. My 911 inspided gas foot started kicking ground as I saw that Porsche blasting past! Great action all together. I'll bet next year will be even more exciting!!!

Oh yes, and there was a real RS also on display. Really nice indeed! And if that was not enough a classic 356 was sure to do the trick...

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