Monday, October 8, 2012

Long Gone

Looks like nothings happened for ages... Almost true, but then not at all. Did manage to get that Anthracite rolling after minor work on horn, windshield washer, carbs, family. The usual stuff. The car was drivable for long but just wanted to MOT it without any major concerns this time. Only problems actually was the missing paper work of the changed parts. Since the car was a historic plates car before the MOT check was more than just checking the driving condition. Obviously the engine size, axles etc was added to the registration info. After giving the full list it was all good to go. Well, it too 2-3 hours office work and me drinking "free" coffee. The picture below is a steal from Volkswanker (props to Jyri) blog as a proof that the car was at crem-a-que this summer. Notice how sunny it was? Was it really?? I thought it rained through it all...

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