Sunday, June 6, 2010

Anthrazite bleeding...

After a few "allnighters" I was really hoping to get the 62 out of the garage last friday, but one hour before the barbeque it was all ruined with a massive oil leak from the engine... Don't really know what the problem is exactly but I' m hoping that I've kind of made a novice mistake and left an oil passage without a plug or something. The engine run about 15 sec and there was about 1/2 liter of 20W-50 on the floor, so I'm guessing it is not just a tiny leak. So out the engine again and try to fix the problem and back in again.

Good news was the long hauls at the garage really resulted in working brakes and whole lot of other stuff too. Looks as if it might actually be in driving condition soon! Discovered also that you can't fit CSP valve covers to a standard 62 engine bay without cutting the inner wheel wells a bit. Also some maintenance holes for the carbs are most likely necessary with the BigBeef manifolds as the carbs do come quite near the sides of the engine bay. Otherwise it will be a pain to get the manifolds tightened, plugs in etc... Good news is that the Dell'Ortos fit inside the bay just fine allthough this is with the soft Pipercross cleaners. Not done the K&N order yet since I think they will hit the lid at least on the right side of the car.
Some other things I need to work on is a small oil leak from the CSP breathertower. Seems that the O-ring and the paper gasket are not enough to keep the oil inside, so I'll just glue to bugger tight I assume. Also the "leak proof" JayCee tubes are leaking from the case side. Or to be more exact, it's 2 of the white CB gaskets between the tubes and the case. So, some more glue stuff to do? 8-) There was also some small issues witht the fuel line when the pump was turned on. Some of the clips were not up to the task to hold the pressure. Will replace those with a bit beefier clips and that should do it.

Anyway, here are some images of the car at this moment. The rear wheels do need massive spacers to get them right. On the images there is around 27mm of stuff between the brake and the wheel. And you could still put more. Fronts are ok, can't really go too much lower or the wheels will hit the fenders when cornering, and besides I'm old enought to go for the more comfortable solution...

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