Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Even more metal swap!

Decided to swap both of the heater channels. They weren't too shabby but since the A-post bottom pieces were totally gone it sort of made sence to also change the channels. One good thing that came out of it was a perfect fit with those aftermarket floorpans. No grinding necessary what so ever!! And they are light as feather! ;) After test fitting the doors I was pretty sure that the channels were in the zone and welded them all the way. As for the A-posts, I had a NOS piece for the right hand but for the left it surely was a pain to get it right. I ended up using half of a repro piece and half of a 50's donor piece... Not sure why thes companies end up doing panels that just don't fit? Maybe Wolfparts is doing us all a big favour now...

After getting the welding and grinding done for most of the front end, I painted the bare metal parts with Zink paint to stop immediate corrosion. My carage mates have had some good experieces with this stuff so why change the formula? ;)

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