Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Parts ahoy!

Since this piece of machinery will need some wheels in the end and the starting plan was to search for some fuchs wheels I decided to get some. The nice thing about those fuchs is that they are extremely strong thanks to the forged aluminium construction. And they're also quite light compared to some aftermarket wheels. So no wonder some VW gearheads are willing to spend large amounts on the real thing... And who would want to see the repro fuchs to either slow a car down or brake under a heavy power load?? Not me anyway. As so many others, I found a set of 4.5x15'' fuchs on Samba. Paul Salinas from California agreed to send me a pair. Thank god the currency is slightly with us here in the euro zone! They do have some patina and need a bit of work to really do it! Thanks Paul.

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