Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Parts search!!!

Over the past few months I've gathered some necessary pieces to get this heap moving in some point. Getting the rear wheels has proved to be most challenging, and I ended up getting slightly too new edition of 6'' fuchs instead of the old 901-series. But for now these 2 911-series wheels will have to do. I'm sure that most people don't know the difference between the models but for the "period fuckers"(pilkunnussijat - muhahahhhaaaa) it is evident mistake. Well, when you're doing 160 and 6k on your tacho, I'm sure it is the last thing you need to worry about! :)

Some technical aspects have also come together. Got a Porsche cooling kit from a local enthusiast Vilho, less the fan but I'm currently working on it. Heads came from JP-motorsport in Sweden, and also got a brand spanking new SCAT killer dry sump case from US. The heart of the engine ie. crank is still a bit of a mystery since SCAT doesn't seem to make them every day. Getting one needs a preorder and takes about 2-3 months to be completed. That seems like a long wait even though I'm not really in a hurry... Thinking currently on a All T4 journal 86mm flange crank. Let's see how this works in the end.

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