Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Some images below of the fuel piping. Since the NHRA rules don't allow the lines to run inside the car and rounting them under the pan would be unsafe I looked into getting them inside the tunnel. Just like the original line does. Getting 2x 1/2'' lines inside the tunnel ain't that easy. Wanted to make them replaceable so they're clamped with rubber clamps via maintenance holes at the top. Will plug the holes with plastic sewage plugs before carpetting. The fuel pipes are one piece, only 1 fitting on both is inside the tunnel at the front where it turns 90 deg and exits. Found some suitable AN bulkhead fittings. A real pain to tighten them and install but in theory they are replaceable as planned. At the back there was very little room between the tranny and cage but they should work after a few mock ups very well...

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