Sunday, November 25, 2007

In The Land of Hope and Glory

There comes a time when an anonymous VW enthusiast gets to go somewhere nice, usually that is California if you play your cards right. I got to go on this fabulous trip with my buddy Aleksi and we dearly owe our gratitude to our girls for organizing all this. We could not have made this with out them. Sad but true... ;)

The trip was already in planning early 2007 and we flew to Sacramento right on the beginning on September. Right in time for Sacramento Bug-o-rama! What a coincidence!!! Well that was about the only event during our trip so we were very happy that it worked out like this. Some pics following to let you know the main stuff that went on. One thing that I might add is the heat. It was really hot. We heard some rumours about some local hat fashion. You can guess the rest by looking at the images. Phiuh!

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