Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Got the pan and body finally bolted together with all the weatherstripping and stuff. Very happy how it all lined up so far. The extra tubing to front fork aligns very well to the beam center and thanks to Tomi got good clamps for mating those together. All there is really before welding those and back tubes to pan is to fabricate some extra diagonals from the main beam to the tunnel. Should get that done this week.

Made some seat attachments by using regular furniture tubing and steel profiles. They feel very solid even without the front attachment points. Seat angle, position and maneuvering the shifter and pedals feel to be about there, hard to say when the car is not moving and your speed is 0kmh... There is an adjustment on the clips to raise the seat for 3cm but I think I will not be using it. Sitting pretty high as it is now. Lower than original seat height of course.

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